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Pro*FORTRAN Supplement to the Oracle Precompilers Guide
Release 1.8

Part Number A42523-1
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1 Writing a Pro*FORTRAN Program

Programming Guidelines
Required Declarations and SQL Statements
Host Variables
Indicator Variables
Host Arrays
VARCHAR Host Variables
Handling Character Data
The Oracle Datatypes
Datatype Conversion
Datatype Equivalencing
Embedding PL/SQL
Cursor Variables
Connecting to Oracle

2 Error Handling and Diagnostics

Error Handling Alternatives
Using Status Variables when MODE={ANSI|ANSI14}
Using the SQL Communications Area
Using the Oracle Communications Area

3 Sample Programs

Sample Program 1: Simple Query
Sample Program 2: Cursor Operations
Sample Program 3: Fetching in Batches
Sample Program 4: Datatype Equivalencing
Sample Program 5: Oracle Forms User Exit
Sample Program 6: Dynamic SQL Method 1
Sample Program 7: Dynamic SQL Method 2
Sample Program 8: Dynamic SQL Method 3
Sample Program 9: Calling a Stored Procedure

4 Implementing Dynamic SQL Method 4

Meeting the Special Requirements of Method 4
Understanding the SQL Descriptor Area (SQLDA)
Using the SQLDA Variables and Arrays
Some Preliminaries
The Basic Steps
A Closer Look at Each Step
Using Host Arrays with Method 4
Sample Program 10: Dynamic SQL Method 4

A Operating System Dependencies

System-Specific References for Chapter 1
System-Specific Reference for Chapter 3
System-Specific Reference for Chapter 4