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The password_expired.gif image shows the iSQL*Plus Expired Password screen. It has an Oracle iSQL*Plus logo in the top left, and the standard iSQL*Plus navigation icon, Help, in the top right, separated from the main body by a horizontal line.

The body is labelled Expired Password. The body shows the fields and buttons in this screen. The text underneath the body label, Expired Password, reads, "Your password has expired. Change your password to log into iSQL*Plus. * Indicates required field". At the right hand end of this line, there are two buttons labelled, "Cancel", and "Apply". These 2 buttons are duplicated at the bottom right of the screen. The fields on the screen are labelled:

The bottom of the screen has a copyright notice, Copyright © 2003, Oracle. All rights reserved, in the left, and links for Workspace, History, Logout, Preferences and Help in the center.