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Pro*C/C++ Getting Started
Release 9.2 for Windows

Part Number A96111-03
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What's New in Pro*C/C++?

Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) New Features in Pro*C/C++
Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1) New Features in Pro*C/C++
Oracle8i Release 8.1.6 New Features in Pro*C/C++

1 Introducing Pro*C/C++

1.1 What Is Pro*C/C++?
1.2 Features
1.3 Restrictions
1.4 Directory Structure
1.4.1 Known Problems, Restrictions, and Workarounds

2 Using Pro*C/C++

2.1 Using the Graphical User Interface
2.2 Starting Pro*C/C++ Graphical Interface
2.2.1 Title Bar
2.2.2 Menu Bar
2.2.3 Toolbar
2.2.4 Information Pane
2.2.5 Status Bar
2.3 Creating and Precompiling a Pro*C/C++ Project
2.3.1 Opening a Project
2.3.2 Setting the Default Extension of Output Files
2.3.3 Changing the Name of an Existing Input or Output File
2.3.4 Adding Files to the Project
2.3.5 Deleting Files from the Project
2.3.6 Setting the Precompiler Options
2.3.7 Specifying Database Connection Information
2.3.8 Precompiling a Pro*C/C++ Project
2.3.9 Checking the Results
2.3.10 Fixing Errors
2.3.11 Exiting Pro*C/C++
2.4 Using Pro*C/C++ at the Command Prompt
2.5 Header Files
2.6 Library Files
2.7 Multithreaded Applications
2.8 Precompiler Options
2.8.1 Configuration File
2.8.2 CODE
2.8.3 DBMS
2.8.5 PARSE
2.9 Using Pro*C/C++ with the Oracle XA Library
2.9.1 Compiling and Linking a Pro*C/C++ Program with XA
2.9.2 XA Dynamic Registration Adding an Environmental Variable for the Current Session Adding a Registry Variable for All Sessions
2.9.3 XA and TP Monitor Information

3 Sample Programs

3.1 Sample Program Descriptions
3.2 Building the Demonstration Tables
3.3 Building the Sample Programs
3.3.1 Using pcmake.bat
3.4 Using Microsoft Visual C++
3.5 Setting the Path for the Sample .pre Files

A Integrating Pro*C/C++ into Microsoft Visual C++

A.1 Integrating Pro*C/C++ within Microsoft Visual C++ Projects
A.1.1 Specifying the Location of the Pro*C/C++ Executable
A.1.2 Specifying the Location of the Pro*C/C++ Header Files
A.2 Adding .pc Files to a Project
A.2.1 Adding References to .c Files to a Project
A.2.2 Adding the Pro*C/C++ Library to a Project
A.2.3 Specifying Custom Build Options
A.3 Adding Pro*C/C++ to the Tools Menu