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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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1 Overview of Oracle Workflow

Overview of Oracle Workflow
Major Features and Definitions
Workflow Processes
Oracle Workflow Procedures and Functions

2 Workflow Engine APIs

Overview of the Workflow Engine
Oracle Workflow Java Interface
Additional Workflow Engine Features
Workflow Engine APIs
Workflow Function APIs
Workflow Attribute APIs
Workflow Core APIs
Workflow Purge APIs
Workflow Monitor APIs
Oracle Workflow Views

3 Directory Service APIs

Workflow Directory Service APIs
Workflow LDAP APIs
Workflow Local Synchronization APIs
Workflow Preferences API

4 Notification System APIs

Overview of the Oracle Workflow Notification System
Notification Model
Notification Document Type Definition
Notification APIs
Notification Mailer Utility API

5 Business Event System APIs

Overview of the Oracle Workflow Business Event System
Business Event System Datatypes
Agent Structure
Parameter Structure
Parameter List Structure
Event Message Structure
Example for Using Abstract Datatypes
Mapping Between WF_EVENT_T and OMBAQ_TEXT_MSG
Event APIs
Event Subscription Rule Function APIs
Event Function APIs
Business Event System Replication APIs
Business Event System Cleanup API

6 Workflow Queue APIs

Workflow Queue APIs

7 Document Management APIs

Document Management APIs



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